newsletter 15th July 2018

Newsletter 15th July 2018

Today is the Fifteenth Sunday of the Church’s year.

After the morning Masses today there will be a picnic and a celebration in the garden. I hope that the weather will be fine.

Thanks to all who came to the parish AGM last Tuesday: a list of the members of the Parish Council is available in the porch.

The Choirs and the Organists will now be taking a rest for a few weeks until the beginning of September. Thanks for all their help and support.

There is a Mass at the school next Monday afternoon for the pupils who are leaving the Primary school. Year 1 are due to come to the Church on Thursday morning for a Mass at 10am.

Off to Canary Wharf on Tuesday for an investment meeting.

During the holiday weeks, you are welcome to come the garden – please try to keep the garden gate closed and if you are coming to use the pool, younger children must come with a parent.

The Inscription forms are now available for the next set of First Holy Communion classes. Please return them promptly as I need to order the books. There will be a meeting for parents in September. I have set one date initially but if necessary we can arrange a second day.

Just possibly you may have watched the film “Darkest Hour”. There is a curious moment when Churchill asks directions to take a District line train to Westminster but ends up in 1938 stock Bakerloo line car. Also did you spot the post-war RT bus in the traffic jam?

And now our poem:

Will you walk into my parlour?

Said the Spider to the Fly,

‘This the prettiest little parlour

That ever you did spy;

The way into my parlour

Is up a winding stair,

And I have many curious things

To show when you are there.

A prayer for today:

We commend ourselves into your hands, together with all who are dear to us. Strengthen and confirm your faithful people: guide us with your Spirit, strengthen those who are sick, give peace to us all: that your holy name may be glorified in Jesus Christ, your Son, Our Lord

Here is a recipe for a salad dressing to add to your lettuce. Sea salt and black pepper, a dab if Dijon mustard, a pinch of sugar, some olive oil and white wine vinegar –  (two spoons of oil to one of vinegar) a chopped yolk from a hard-boiled egg and some leaves of chervil. You may even be brave enough to add a sliver of garlic. Best to put all the ingredients in a jam jar and shake well.

The boy is now looking forward to his summer holiday. His mother tells me that the latest enthusiasm is for Lego dinosaurs. I must visit the shop in Leicester Square to see what is available.

The new fruit tree continues to grow well. There were plenty of cherries on one of the trees from earlier years. The tree from the 2017 group is growing well. I cut back the side branches to ensure that it grows upwards. No fruit this year but it seems that it takes two or three years for a tree to produce some fruit. The lavender at the entrance to the garden is doing very well. I must use some to scent the linen cupboard.

To finish something from Teilhard – You, my God, have given me the gift of discerning, beneath this surface incoherence, the living and deep rooted unity that your grace has mercifully imposed on – instilled beneath – our hopeless plurality.

Best wishes to you all,

Monsignor Nicholas Rothon





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