newsletter 22nd July 2018

Newsletter 22nd July 2018.

Today is the Sixteenth Sunday of the Church’s year.

Wednesday is the feast of St. James, the patron of Spain. I know that some of you have been to his shrine at Santiago de Compostela and own a shell as a remembrance of your pilgrimage.

Thursday is the feast of Joachim and Anna. They appear in one of our stained glass windows behind St. Joseph. They are the parents of Our Blessed Lady and they are the patrons of all grandparents.

By now many of you are setting of on your holidays. I hope that you will have safe and enjoyable trips.

I try to pretend that I am doing some work in the garden on the summer afternoons – but it is good to enjoy the sun – and possibly the pool.  You are welcome to come but please remember to keep the back gate closed.

The time is coming around for birthdays – Saturday is the birthday of Anna – the sisters of the great nephew is the following week. I think she will be 4 and he will be 7.  Lots of parties and games that I cannot possibly understand.

Inscription forms are now available for the next season of First Communion classes. Please complete them and return them as soon as possible.

Marriage Care are looking for some help with various jobs. Their centre is in the basement of the house.  I have put a note on the notice board explaining the various tasks and giving the contact details.

How about trying an apricot caramel?  You will need 12 oz. of dried apricots. Soak them and cook them in a little water until they are very soft. Put in a blender and add 4 whole eggs, 2 tablespoons of honey and the juice of half a lemon. Mix to make a thick cream, pour into a mould and cook in a warm oven for about 10 minutes. Leave to cook and serve chilled.

I like this prayer:

Eternal God, grant to us this day and every day such readiness and delight in following Christ, that whether our lives are short or long we shall have lived abundantly. Amen.

Here is our poem:

The free fair homes of England!

Long, long, in hut and hall,

May heats of native proof be reared

To guard each hallowed wall!

This is part of the original version written by Felicia Hemans but you probably remember that Noel Coward included a wonderful parody in his revue Cavalcade.

And though if the Van Dykes have to go

And we pawn the Bechstein grand,

We’ll stand by the stately homes of England.

Of great interest, the new Routemasters continue to make tests runs through the Village. I saw LT320 the other day, which is operated by the Go Ahead group – so it is not route 54 which is operated by Stagecoach. Could it be for the 89?

I was looking through some local history recently and discovered that Lee Green was originally about two acres of open land leading down to The Tiger’s head, built in 1766. It was a favourite location for race meetings and my book says that they were not always conducted in the quietest manner. The race track followed the line of what is now Lee Park.  Nowadays raced are conducted by boys in ancient Astras wearing baseball caps back to front.

My herbs are doing very well, especially the dill and parsley. There are some tomatoes but I fear these will not survive attacks from the animals.

Best wishes to you all.

Monsignor Nicholas Rothon





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