newsletter 8th July 2018

Newsletter 8th July 2018

Today is the Fourteenth Sunday of the Church’s year.

There is a Second collection today to support the work of the Apostleship of the Sea. My old father had been a mariner and would always support this work – which looks after the port chaplaincies.

We are having a party in the garden next Sunday after the morning Masses – I hope that we will have a warm and sunny day. Lots of things to do – I will put out the croquet set, the badminton and the bouncy castle – the football goal and the trampoline and the pool are there already. Please bring some food to share – it will be very enjoyable.

Year 5 from St. Matthew Academy will be coming for a special Mass on Thursday morning at 11am.

The Parish AGM takes place on Tuesday evening in the big hall. Refreshments will be available from 7.15 and we hope to start the meeting at about 8pm. The purpose of the meeting is to review the work of the parish over past 12 months, to make plans for the coming year and to elect three new members of the parish council. Not too arduous a task: probably three meetings a year and an appointment for three years. Nomination forms are available today.

Wednesday of this week is the feast of St. Benedict who is the patron of Europe.

Here is something from his rule concerning the monks’ clothing: Monastics must not complain about the colour or coarseness of these articles, but use what is available in the vicinity at a reasonable cost. However, the abbot ought to be concerned about the measurements of these garments that they not be too short but fitted to the wearers. (ch.55) The spiritual guidance in the rule is matched with some practical advice.

I have worked out that Friday of this week is the 50th anniversary of my arrival in this parish. I had just graduated from Cambridge and was to start work at the Finance Office at Archbishop’s House.  Monsignor Alan Clark provided kind hospitality so that I had somewhere to live – and the rest is history though a sense of enormous gratitude for many blessings.

It is good to see that the plans to remove all traffic from Oxford Street have been abandoned.  One by one the major shops are closing so at least it will be possible to pass the time watching the buses.

We haven’t had any Keats for a long time:

He stared at the Pacific – and all his men

Looked at each other with a wild surmise –

Silent, upon a peak in Darien.

Here is something to try – I hope that it will work. Cut and shred a red cabbage, removing all the stalks and cook in a casserole with some butter, a little vinegar and salt and pepper. When almost cooked add 3 chopped apples, some brown sugar and a little bacon. Finish cooking gently. It will probably take about 2 hours.

From time to time we need to pray for those who have died, so here is a prayer for you:

Into your hands O Lord, we commend the spirits of our loved ones, now passing from us into your eternal presence. Receive them Lord into your holy keeping in the name of the Father, Son and of the Holy Spirit.

I have already mentioned to you the renewal of the Church heating boiler. A modern system works with a moderate boiler and a heat exchanger which gives a better level of heat at a moderate fuel cost. I will welcome the end of days trying to keep the pilot going when the thermo-coupler was broken.

I hope that you are enjoying the summer days and will be able to go on holiday.

Best wishes to you all,

Monsignor Nicholas Rothon


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