newsletter 14th December 2014

Newsletter 14th December 2014
Today is the Third Sunday of Advent: we use the rose coloured vestments to show that we are half way through the penitential season. It is known as Gaudete Sunday from the first word of the Latin Introit – Rejoice in the Lord.
At 5pm today there will be a service of Christmas music and readings provided by the choir. Afterwards there will be hot wine and mince pies in the Angelus Room. I hope that you will be able to come.
A short rehearsal after the 9.30 Mass today for children with parts in the mystery plays. The first of the cycle of plays will take place at the 9.30 Mass next Sunday.
You will notice that the crib has gone up today. I hope to put the figures in place during the coming week.
To the school on Friday for three end of term Masses so I will not be here at 10am. If the Bishop is not available, there will be a Eucharistic Service.
From Wednesday we begin the “O” Antiphons – the special verses used before the Magnificat at Vespers during the days before Christmas. I have put a list of the Antiphons on the notice board.
I have already mentioned to you the changes to Mass times: from after Christmas, there will no longer be an 8am Mass on Sundays. On Weekdays, there will be a Mass at 10am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and at 7.30am on Tuesday and Thursday. I am sure that you will understand that for reasons of health and age, some change was essential. The changes were reviewed by the Parish Council and agreed by Bishop Lynch.
The Latin question the other week was most popular so here is another test: Verum omnibus agnoscitum est quod viro caelebi et locupleti opus est uxore. Where does this come from?
Quite a full week – to Lewisham Town Hall on Monday, to Westminster for a meeting on Tuesday and on to Greenwich Town Hall in the evening.
The magazine will be published next week – look out for the quiz – I have worked hard on it this year and I hope that there will be no winners.
Thanks to all who donated to the Medecins Sans Frontiere Ebola Appeal on 9th November . We raised £310. And also thanks for those who wrote cards for Prisoners of Conscience and Human Rights Defenders on 22nd and 23rd November. 105 cards were posted.
A prayer to the Holy Spirit:
Come, true light, come life eternal,
Come treasure without name,
Come, reality beyond all words,
Come person beyond all understanding,
Come light that knows no evening
Come resurrection of the dead
Come all powerful Spirit. Amen.
You may need an elegant soup over Christmas, so how about this. You will need a bunch of celery, leaves and inner stalks only, some butter, some chopped potatoes and some chicken stock. Cook the celery gently in some butter and then add the potatoes for a few more minutes. Add the stock and cook very gently for 45 minutes. Add some single cream and finish with some finely chopped parsley and chives.
Here is an ancient English poem:
Of one that is so fair and bright
Velut maris stella,
Brighter than the dayes light
Parens et puella,
I cry to thee; thou see to me!
Lady, pray thy son for me
Tam pia
That I mote come to thee,
Best wishes to you all
Monsignor Nicholas Rothon

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