newsletter 8th November 2015

Newsletter 8th November 2015
Today is Remembrance Sunday in which we pray for the repose of the souls of those who have died in wars. There will be a Requiem Mass at 11am today and at the beginning we will share in the two minutes silence.
Also today at 5pm there is an additional Mass. This will be a Requiem Mass for all the faithful departed and the choir will sing Faure’s Requiem.
The First Communion Group will be helping with the 9.30 Mass in a special way today. They have now reached the third lesson. Thanks to all the parents who have helped with the classes.
There is a second collection today for the Diocesan Administration Fund.
After the morning Masses today there will be a sale of Traidcraft items in the Angelus Room.
On Tuesday I travel to Douai Abbey once again for a meeting of the Historic Churches Committee. This means that I will not be here for a 7.30 Mass on Tuesday morning.
On Wednesday I have to attend a Governors’ Development Day at Christ the King College. I hope that the Bishop will be here to help with Mass at 10.
Monday is the Feast of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica. This was the first Church in Christendom and the feast is kept as a solemnity. Wednesday is the feast of St. Martin of Tours.
I am trying to think of a recipe from our recent visit to Spain. Something very simple from the restaurant in Avila – some fillets of pickled herring together with some pieces of preserved red peppers. Easy to make and quite enjoyable.
A reminder that we now have a Scripture class in the Angelus Room after the Coffee morning on Tuesdays, starting at about 10.30 and lasting to about 12.
Weeks rushing by and I am beginning to think about the Christmas quiz for the magazine once again. Already a few stray ideas but I am determined to outwit my competitors this year – Ali and her brother seem to master it each year and my sister in law is very good.
The boy has spent most of the half term with his grandfather. It seems that g/p managed to blow up the engine of one his cars whilst he was racing it recently – so lots of oily parts to take to pieces and lay out in the garage. On his return home, the boy is scrubbed by his mother to return him to an acceptable state.
I have finally got round to ordering the football goal for the garden – thanks to Charlie and Jack for their patience – the problem was finding a time when I would be home for the delivery but it should be here soon.
The garden is now settling down for the winter. The copper beech has turned red and the trees are losing their leaves. The circle left by the pool has gradually recovered though it seems to be mostly moss. My herbs are gradually dying off – I will start again next season.
A prayer now:
Lord, pour out on us a spirit of understanding and truth. Help us to strive with all our hearts to know what is pleasing to you, and when we know your will, make us determined to do it.
Here’s Browning’s Bishop ordering his tomb:
And then how I shall lie through centuries
And hear the blessed mutter of the Mass
And feel the steady candle flame, and taste
Good strong thick stupefying incense smoke.
A report on Spanish railways: there is no doubt that freight traffic is decreasing – a line of locomotives out of use in Valladolid station and few of the long trains of container wagons. The high speed line continues to do good business but the old broad gauge line carries a few passengers and little freight traffic. One wonders how long it will survive in its present form.
Best wishes to you all
Monsignor Nicholas Rothon

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