Newsletter 8th May 2022

St Mary’s Blackheath

Newsletter 8th May 2022

Sunday Masses: Saturday 6.30pm first Mass of Sunday

– Sunday 9.30 and 11am and 5pm.

Monday to Friday: Lenten service at 8am.

Saturday 10am and 6.30pm

Confessions: Saturday12 to 1

Today is the Fourth Sunday of the Easter Season.

It is a day of prayer for Vocations to the Religious Life and to the Priesthood.

There is a box today for donations to the Fund for training the future priests of the


Saturday is the Feast of the Apostle St. Matthias.

Next Sunday is the First Communion Day. Thirty- two children will be making their First Holy Communion at the 11am Mass and we ask you to continue to pray for them.

The benches in the centre of the Church will be reserved for the Children and their families.  The 11am Mass will be very full and if your normally come to this Mass, for one week you might consider coming to a different Mass.

The Children are asked to assemble in the big hall at about 10.30 so that they will be ready to process into the Church.

There will be a rehearsal in the Church on Saturday morning. Children who are reading will be given a book with their parts marked. Afterwards, we can go to the garden and plant your tree.

Some of you have asked about the funeral of Margaret Noonan who died recently. This will take place at Eltham Crematorium at 1.45pm on Thursday 12th May.

The Governors of Christ the King College meet on Tuesday evening.

Here is an interesting recipe I found to use up a piece of salmon. Mix the fish with some cooked white rice, some shallots, some chopped mushrooms and some hard boiled egg, adding parsley and some seasoning. Combine with some soft butter and place it in some rolled puff pastry. Bake in a hot over for about ¾ hour. Quite elaborated but very good.

And some Keats:

His soul has its Autumn, when his wings

He furtleth close: contented so to look

On mists in idleness – to let fair things

Pass by unheeded as a threshold brook.

A prayer from Thomas Merton:

O Thou Father of Splendour, Giver of Light, To Thee I pray in joy, with light restored. Grant, I beg, to me Thy servant everlasting day in which no night makes sad the heart, and no shadow the day.

A good day on the railway on the Bank holiday with four engines in steam: 2-8-0s from the Great Western and the LMS – both visiting- our own Somerset and Dorset 2-8-0 and the Schools Cheltenham. An intensive service with much to see.

The tree work in the garden is continuing and I hope that it will be completed in the coming days. Please remember to take care.

Best wishes to you all

Monsignor Nicholas Rothon.

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