newsletter 6th January 2013

Newsletter: 6th January 2013

Greetings with the first Newsletter for the New Year. Today we celebrate the feast of the Epiphany of the Lord: the visit of the three kings to the Holy Family. We like to think of them as kings although the gospel only describes them as wise men. Their names are Kaspar, Melchior and Balthazar.

Today at the 9.30 Mass the children will present the final part of the cycle of mystery plays. After this the costumes will be put away carefully for another year. The plays are always performed with great solemnity and reverence: the produces say that the children seem to know what to do by themselves – it is almost as if a tradition is handed on from year to year. An original Herod is now at University.

As usual, there will be a Latin Mass at 11am.

During the coming week, Masses are from the period of Christmas Time. This is completed with the feast of the Baptism of the Lord next Sunday.

The Film Club meets at 5pm on Sunday evening in the Angelus Room. I understand that there will be a special delivery of pizzas this time, so apart from the film, it will be worth attending.

Confirmation classes again on Wednesday evening at 6.30. They seem to come round again quickly but there is a lot of material to cover. Thanks to Karl and Jocelyn for helping with the classes.

I hope that by now all your kind gifts have reached the Manna Centre and the Centre for Asylum seekers. You were more than generous this year and your gifts were greatly appreciated.

Too late for the last newsletter, but to tell you that Father Robert Gould died peacefully at Morden College on 23rd December. He was an Anglican priest and was received into the Church and was ordained as a Catholic Priest in 1995. For a number of years he helped with Masses in the parish here but retired about 10 years ago. His funeral will take place on Friday 18th January at 12 noon. The Archbishop will celebrate the Requiem Mass.

The normal tasks are starting once again: to the school on Monday to celebrate Mass as part of the inset day and Lewisham for a meeting of the Education Committee on Wednesday.

On Christmas Day I was very pleased to see the Great Nephew. He showed a great interest in a one of my books, though he tended to point at each picture and simply say “Bus!” As yet he is a little young to be able to distinguish the difference between the various types of Routemasters but I am sure that he will soon be able to pick this up. His great friend is his Grandpa and I think that they would both be happy to play together all day. As usual we attempted the quiz in the magazine. My sister in law continues to amaze me. In no time at all she called out at least half the answers whilst at the same time basting a turkey. Maybe we can reverse roles and she can set the quiz next year.

A prayer for today:
O Lord, whose way is perfect, help us always to trust in your goodness: that walking with you in faith and following you in all simplicity, we may possess quieted and contented minds and cast all our care on you, because you care for us: for the sale of Jesus Christ our Lord.

I am still puzzled by Downton Abbey. The family set off for Scotland from Horsted Keynes station in a train hauled by a South Eastern and Chatham
Railway “C” class locomotive with strange markings for NERC on the tender. It all seemed most improbable to me.

A simple recipe this week for some custard: beat together some milk, 3 large egg yolks, some caster sugar and some double cream and add a vanilla pod. Heat gently; stirring all the time to ensure that it does not burn. Much better than the packet version, though it takes a bit longer.

And now our poem:
And he sees across a weary land a straggling road in Spain,
Up which a lean and foolish knight forever rides in vain,
And he smiles, but not as Sultans smile, and settles back the blade….
But Don John of Austria rides home from the Crusade.

Best wishes to you all,

Monsignor Nicholas Rothon

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