newsletter 3rd June 2012

Newsletter; Sunday 3rd June 2012

Today, the complete the Easter Season, we celebrate the feast of the Most Holy Trinity. From today, we cease to use the Regina Coeli as the hymn at the end of the Office of Compline and return to the familiar Salve Regina.

There is a second collection today for the National Catholic Fund, the fund which supports the National Administration of the Church in England and Wales. I have been involved in this since the early 1970s but will retire as a Trustee at the AGM in July. It is time for a new generation to take over.

During the week, it will be the 9th week of ordinary time.

This is a very special week with the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen. There are two Bank holidays on Monday and Tuesday and the Mass at the Convent will be at 9am. Possibly I will be working on the railway on one of these days and there will be a Eucharistic Service instead of a Mass. I will let you know which day it is. On Thursday I have to go to Canary Wharf for a meeting at 11am. I will let you know if we need to have an early Mass on this day.

You might like some news from the steam railway. Last time that I was there, our train only had three coaches. It seems that the driver of the diesel shunter did not notice that some of the coaches where located beyond the points at the end of the station. There was a side swipe causing damage to a number of doors and windows. He was far from popular. They have now been taken away for repair.

A reminder of the final concert in the hall next Saturday: the cycle of music has been much appreciated.

You might have noticed that there are some new chains for the swing in the garden. As is inevitable, some boys managed to break the old chains. The new chains have a strength of 122 kgs – so work that out. The general rule must be no crazy twisting of the chains and no very heavy weights. A couple of visits to B and Q to find some suitable chain and some bolts.

Always thinking of a new recipe and you might like to try this: gently stew some pieces of chicken with some pasta, a handful of mixed veg. (frozen will do) some mixed herbs and plenty of seasoning. Simmer gently until the chicken is cooked and the pasta is soft. Add more liquid as required. It found that this is a tasty and soothing dish.

The other day I was reading Belloc’s “The Path to Rome” once again, which ranges from the enchanting to the infuriating. Here is one of his descriptions: So I hurried and came to the village, and went into the church, which was very full, and came down out of it (the Mass was low and short – they are a Christian people). In the parish magazine I must give the full quotation as to why you should attend Mass every day.

And now you are going to need a prayer:
O Lord, who has taught us that all our doings without love are nothing worth, send thy Holy Ghost, and pour into our hearts that most excellent gift of love, the very bond of peace and all virtues, without which whosoever liveth is counted dead before thee: grant us this for thy only Son Jesus Christ’s sake. Amen .

The garden is now in full bloom. The copper beech has done very well this year and seems to like the way in which it has more space now that the garden bed has been cleared. My herbs are doing well, though as yet my pot of basil is not ready to plant out. The book on herbs says that basil can be temperamental and will grow slowly unless it has plenty of sunlight.

And more from the journey to Samarkand:
And there the world’s first huge white-bearded kings
In dim glades sleeping, murmur in their sleep,
And closer round their breast the ivy clings,
Cutting its pathway slow and red and deep.

The list is still open if you would like to come to Valladolid with me in the autumn: the dates are from 16th to 20th October, travelling from Stansted to Valladolid and staying at the College. With luck, these will be pleasant autumn days.

Best wishes to you all.

Monsignor Nicholas Rothon.

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