newsletter 17th June 2012

News letter : 17th June 2012

The green vestments return this week with the Sundays in Ordinary time. Today is kept as the Eleventh Sunday of the year. The Scripture readings are taken from the second cycle. Generally the gospel is taken from Mark. However as this is the shortest of the gospels, during the summer we will be reading some extracts from John’s gospel – in particular the promise of the Eucharist.

The Parish Council meets at 8pm on Wednesday. Agenda envelopes are available today. This is the final meeting of the present Council. We will be planning the AGM which takes place in July.

Wednesday is the feast of St. Alban, the first Martyr of our land and the patron of the College in Spain. The statue of San Albano is above the high altar in the chapel. Friday is the feast of St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More, two great Saints of our land. Fisher, reviewing the problems of his age, realised that it was important for the priests to be educated. He persuaded Lady Margaret, the mother of Henry VI to found Christ’s College in the University of Cambridge. To this day, the grace composed by Fisher for Lady Margaret is used in Hall.

Gradually everything is winding down for the summer. I know that some of you have been very busy in recent weeks with exams, and I hope that you have done well. Maybe time now for a few weeks of rest and enjoyment – before the big day comes in August when the results arrive.

Next Sunday is the day for the outdoor procession of the Blessed Sacrament at Lesnes Abbey.

Father Hartley sends thanks and best wishes to those who sent messages to him as he celebrated the golden anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood.

The restoration of the press in the Sacristy is splendid. John spent many days – first repairing the oak top – then cleaning the wood – and finally several coats of stain and of varnish. It is worth inspecting. There are now mats for jugs and cruets and severe punishments to anybody who marks it in any way.

Here is a prayer from Thomas More::
O my sweet Saviour, Christ, which in thine undeserved love towards mankind so kindly wouldst suffer the painful death of the cross, suffer me not to be cold or lukewarm in love again towards thee.

A very basic recipe from the Leon in Spain: chop up some potatoes into large chunks and stew them with some salt and some pieces of chorizo. When the potatoes are cooked, drain them and serve them with the chorizo. This is a typical country recipe from the Province of Castille and Leon. The cooking liquid is used as a basis for a vegetable soup the following day made with some white beans and some pieces of carrot. Each village is proud of the quality of its chorizo.

A memory of Admiral Collingwood at the Battle of Trafalgar. I wish Nelson would stop signalling. We all know well enough what to do.

I threatened you with some more from Evoe:
Augustus was a child who hated
The talk of famous folk;
In yarns the grown up men related
He failed to find the joke.
He made no effort to remember
His uncle Sigurd’s view
Of Gladstone in the dark November
Of 1892.

News from the railway: once again the bridge has been reconstructed at Blackheath, presumably to help with passengers who have attended the Olympics in the park. I continue to observe the works at London Bridge with great interest. I expect some new track will be laid in the not too distant future.

Not much new of the great nephew of late: he has been in Spain recently with his grandparents: I am pleased to encourage this. The other great nephew in Norfolk is now 4. His mother works for the RSPB and uses a small boat for some of her tasks. Lots of Facebook images as he looks cute in his life-jacket.
Here are the text messages from last week:
Laugh Till I Fall On The Ground
Turn Off Your Caps Lock
I Don’t Think That’s Funny.

Best wishes to you all

Monsignor Nicholas Rothon

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