newsletter 17th July 2011

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17th July 2011

After a long wait, we are enjoying some summer days and I hope that you are looking forward to a holiday.

This week I have to go to Canary Wharf on Monday and on Thursday so I will not be here at 10am. I will ask the Eucharistic Ministers to help if the Bishop is not here.

The Eucharistic Ministers meet on Thursday evening at 8pm.

On Wednesday there is a meeting of the Building Committee at the school at mid-day. We are supervising the contract to adapt the sports hall so as to provide eight new classrooms. All is going well and the project has to be completed for the beginning of the new term in September. Then a quick dash across to Purley for a meeting of the
Children’s Society.

I expect you are looking for a recipe to use with the Malawi Rice. Cook some pieces of chicken in a pan with a little margarine until they are slightly browned. Add a can of ratatouille and continue to cook over a moderate heat until the chicken is ready. Serve on a bed of rice. It is best to drain the rice well and wash it with some boiling water before serving. It can be improved with a knob of butter, a sprinkling of parsley and maybe a little ground pepper.

The works to the back of the house are almost completed. The doors of the garages certainly needed some attention as well as the back door of the house and the windows. The south elevation gets lots of sun and requires regular attention. We needed to hire a cherry picker to reach the windows on the upper floors.

I think I am mastering the web-site so that you will be able to find the newsletter each week. In theory you should be able to find back numbers but I am not sure if I have managed to arrange this as yet.

The trip to Cardiff the other week was most interesting. There were works on the direct line to Bristol Parkway so we went by way of Bath and Filton Junction, arriving at the Parkway from the West and reversing for the onward journey through the Severn Tunnel. We were late for our meeting but this was not important as the journey was unusual. Sometimes I find it difficult to explain to others what life is all about.

A prayer for today:
Grant, O Lord, we beseech thee, that the course of this world may be so peaceably ordered by they governance, that they Church may joyfully serve thee in all godly quietness; through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.

The new Rector of the College in Spain, Father John Pardo, comes from the Diocese of Gibraltar. As we are a Royal College, his appointment requires the official approval of the King of Spain. You may have seen a news item suggesting that this has a special political significance. The Rector has carefully explained that this is a sign of the continuing good relationship between England and Spain.

And a poem:
‘You are wise, Lewis Carroll,’ the child said again,
‘and the College you live in is hoary;
But if you’ve such numbers of thoughts in your brain –
Do you think you could tell me a story?‘

The recent meeting of the Film Club was most enjoyable. There will be a break for the summer and the next film will be at the beginning of September. Thanks to Chris and Sarah for the new big screen which is a great improvement. The pizzas went down well though Maxine needs some more experience to cook pop-corn in the microwave.

It has not been easy to live here in recent weeks with the closure of Lee Park, the delays with the lights and more recently the closure of Blackheath
Park. Also there seems to be no end to the works to the station and the need to use the footbridge – which is far from easy. I look forward to the restoration of normal service.

Best wishes to you all

Monsignor Nicholas Rothon

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