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Offertory 1046.33
Cafod £1
Newsletter 10th July 2011

Thank you for your generous response to the Mission Appeal last week. I will let you know the total at the end of Mass today.

There is a second collection today to support the work of the Apostleship of the Sea.

Thanks to the new members of the parish Council. I have put up a list of the membership for the coming year in the porch.

The appointment of the new Rector for the College at Valladolid was announced recently. He is Father John Pardo, up to now the Vice Rector. Those of you who have visited the College will have met him. I am delighted with the appointment and he is a good friend. There will be a new Vice-Rector, Father Darren Reid who comes from Sheffield.

Monday is the feast of St. Benedict, the patron of Europe and also the patron of the Holy Father.

Saturday is the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

On Monday afternoon there is the At Home at Morden College. The Lord Mayor greets the guests in the quadrangle and tea is served in a marquee. It is one of the special events of the year.

On Tuesday once again a visit to Douai Abbey where I will chair a meeting of the Historic Churches Committee. A long trip but I set off very early to arrive in time for the end of the morning office and for the Community Mass. If all goes well, we hope to complete our work by lunch time but looking at the agenda, I fear that this may not be possible. In the evening there is a Governors’ meeting of the Sixth Form College at the Sidcup site so I fear that it will be a long day.

If the Bishop is not about on Tuesday, I will as the Eucharistic Ministers to help.

On Friday afternoon there will be a special Mass and a celebration for the pupils in year 6 at St. Matthew Academy. This is always a very special event: some will be moving on to the Senior School whilst others will be going to new schools. Lots of memories – for some from the day they started in the reception class and just possibly a few tears at the end of it all.
A note from Bill Moyes:
We had a tremendous response to the appeal for help to set up a gardening group: 30 volunteers.
Many thanks to all of you. The first phase will be to tidy up the garden. The group plans three sessions in July and August when volunteers can come along and weed, tidy up, improve the soil, etc. The dates and arrangements are on the notice board. A further meeting will be arranged in September to plan the next phase of the work. The dates and times will be on the notice board shortly.

Now here is a good recipe. First grill some vegetables, maybe an onion, a pepper and a tomato. Make a nest from some flake pastry. (Frozen will do). Fill the base of the next with some vegetables and maybe a piece of feta cheese. Add a piece of salmon fillet and bake in a hot oven. If it comes out well this will really impress your guests.

I have not forgotten that you will need some rice recipes and I am working on this.

As you approach London Bridge station from Charing Cross, look out on the left hand side – by the Market Porter public house. Some further bridge works are under construction. These seem to be at a lower level and possibly they will form part of the new tracks for the Thameslink trains.

You will need a prayer:
Lord, teach me the silence of love, the silence of wisdom, the silence of humility, the silence of faith, the silence that speaks without words. Teach me to listen to the gentle movement of the Holy Spirit with in me.

And here is a poem -of sorts.
If no one every marries me –
And I don’t see whey they should,
For nurse says I’m not pretty
And I’m seldom very good-

If no one ever marries me
I shan’t mind very much;
I shall buy a squirrel in a cage,
And a little rabbit hutch.

(Maybe there is more in this than meets the eye)

Best wishes to you all

Monsignor Nicholas Rothon

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