newsletter 9th February 2020


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Newsletter 9th February 2020

Today is the Fifth Sunday of the Church’s year.

There is a second collection today for Racial Justice Sunday.

Monday if the commemoration of St. Scholastica, the sister of St. Benedict.

Friday is the feast of Saints Cyril and Methodius. It is also the anniversary of the Episcopal Ordination of Bishop Lynch and we send him our prayers and best wishes.

Lent is not too far away now: Ash Wednesday is on 26th February. As our traditional Lenten devotion, we will have Stations of the Cross on Sunday evenings. The choir will arrange a Lenten service of music and readings on one of the Sundays.

As a penance, the normal Sunday sweets will not appear during Lent.

I will need to make some ashes soon; they should be made from the remains of the palms from the previous year, but this is not easy, and I have to use some other wood to make the ash.

Recently we have completed some work to the roof of the Church; nothing major but making sure that the gutters are in good order and that any loose slates are fixed. The bell for the clock has finally decided to expire and I am arranging for this to be fixed. It is not easy as it will mean that we have to clean out the attic in the tower.  This is a very dirty task.

A prayer for today;

Lord, you have given us this word to live in; may we respect the gifts of your creation; may we use and share them for your glory and for the good of all.

A recipe for something quite unusual. Prepare some squares of fried bread and cover with a puree made from some cooked mushrooms. Put some grated cheese and some cayenne pepper on a rasher of streaky bacon, roll up and grill. Serve two pieces of bread, one with the bacon and one with a buttered egg.

The Bexleyheath line will close for a week later this month. In the morning, some trains will start from Blackheath. I think this means that the trains will come up empty from Slade Green via the Woolwich line as there is no where to reverse them at Blackheath. There is a crossover at Kidbrooke, but this is not in use.

Here is Browning with Bishop Brougham’s apology:

The common problem, yours, mine, ever one’s

Is not to fancy what were fair in life

Provided it could be – but, finding first

What may be, then find how to make it fair

Up to our means – a very different thing!

The boy and his sister are already looking forward to half term. They are making plans so that their mother can take them somewhere exciting.  She enjoys it as much as they do. Last year ice-skating was great fun; she has a half-blue, so they found it hard to keep up.

Somehow my basil has survived the winter: a great debate as to whether to put it outside. It would be tragic if many months of careful tending were to be wrecked by some greedy birds.

Best wishes to you all.

Monsignor Nicholas Rothon.

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