newsletter 3rd March 2013

Newsletter 3rd March 2013

Today the Third Sunday of Lent: I hope that your re continuing with your Lenten prayers and penances.

There are Stations of the Cross at 6.30pm this evening.

Today there is the Lenten lunch in the big hall from 12 to 2pm.

This coming week I will be away working at the College in Spain from Monday to Friday. This means that for one week there will not be a 7.30 Mass. I hope the Bishop will be her at 10am on most days, but if not, there will be a Eucharistic Service.

A reminder of the Parish Retreat next Saturday which be given by Canon Michael Cooley.

On Friday the 15th March once again there will be “Opera for Africa” in the big hall at 8pm.

On Sunday 17th March there is an additional Lenten Mass at 5pm with music by Faure.

Also to mention a Coffee morning after the Masses next Sunday in the Angelus Room.

Central Spain in March can be quite cold. Probably there will still be snow on the mountains. Nowadays the fast train from Madrid passes underneath them in a long tunnel but in the past, on the old line, the train could be delayed at this time of year by freezing fog.

The steps and the railings are almost finished. The stone for the corner pieces came from Portland. The old railings had started to rust away and the new design is a great improvement.

Next week on 11th March, we will be starting work on the redecoration of the interior of the Church. The weekday Masses, at 7.30 and 11 will be held in the Angelus Room. We will be back in the Church for weekends and for other special events. It will not be possible to reserve the Blessed Sacrament so if you come to weekday Masses, I will ask you to place a host in the open ciborium at the beginning of Mass. (Please remember to arrive on time!) Also we will not distribute the Precious Blood we are not in the Church.

Next Friday the Archbishop is coming to St. Peter’s Church at Woolwich for a Deanery Penitential Service at pm. You may wish to attend this.

Here is a French soup you can try. You will need to stew a leek, a turnip and a carrot in some chicken stock with a bouquet garni and pepper and salt. Stain the liquid and return to the heat. Add two small eggs, well beaten and heat again gently. Pass through a sieve and serve with some grated cheese and croutons.

A penitential prayer for Lent:
O Lord, because we often sin and have to ask for pardon, help us to forgive, as we would be forgiven, neither mentioning old offences committed against us, nor dwelling on them in thought, but loving our neighbour as you love us; for your name’s sake. Amen.

More news of the great nephew. I understand that his grandparents took him to the Bluebell Railway recently and he went on the footplate of one of the engines. Not long now before he starts his engine driving instruction. The great thrill is that later this month the Bluebell will complete the link with the main line at East Grinstead. I look forward to a trip through from London Bridge to Sheffield Park.

And here is Auden in a perverse mood:
The stars are not wanted now: put out every one;
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun;
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood.
For nothing can every come to any good.

The garden seems to be doing very well this spring. I have been cleaning up the herb garden. Most of the plants seem to have survived the winter. Some repairs to the rose beds at the back of the house but there is still some work to be completed. I have been looking at the buds on the apple trees and I hope that they will blossom soon. The orchids in the house continue to do well, though I am still waiting for some further flowers on the older plants.

Just room to mention the film Club at 5pm today.

Best wishes to you all.

Monsignor Nicholas Rothon

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