newsletter 2nd September 2012

Newsletter 2nd September 2012

Welcome back after the summer holidays: I expect many of you are returning now as the schools are due to open soon. I hope that you have had an enjoyable break.

The Choirs and organists are back again today: the young people’s choir at 9.30 and the formal choir at 11. New members would be appreciated – speak to Ali or Theresa at 9.30 or to Tim at the 11 am Mass.

The 11am Mass today, the first Sunday of the month is the Latin Mass. We use the latest edition of the Latin Missal, published in Rome in 2008. Normally the music is the Missa de Angelis, (no. 8) which is familiar to many people, but I am asking the choir to consider an alternative plainsong setting.

The Liturgy Committee meets on Monday evening at 8pm.

On Wednesday, there is a Requiem Mass at 11.30 for Kenneth Farmer.

Prizegivings this week for Christ the King College – Tuesday at Lewisham and Thursday at Sidcup. As Chair of Governors I have to attend and congratulate the students on their achievements.

The August weeks have been ideal but as for most of you, back to work as normal this week. A School meeting on Monday, to London for a Finance meeting on Tuesday, Lewisham Town Hall on Wednesday evening and to Canary Wharf on Thursday.

Monday is the feast of St. Gregory the Great, the Pope who sent St. Augustine to our land. It is also the anniversary of the consecration of our Church in 1906. At Mass I will light the candles round the walls which mark the places where the crosses were marked with the oil of Chrism when the Church was consecrated.

Saturday is the feast of the Birthday of Our Blessed Lady.

The iron railings outside the main door of the Church have seen better days. Originally there were some elaborate railings, but these were taken down during the war and the present railings were a temporary replacement. They are beginning to rust away at the bases. I have asked Steve, who designed and constructed the other gates, to prepare a design for some new gates. I visited him at his workshop which is down beside the Creek at Deptford and full of fascinating bits and pieces.

Something again from Roger McGough
She is beautiful as bus tickets
And smells of old cash
Drinks Guinness off duty
Eats sausage and mash.
But she has her bus dreams
Hot an nervous
My blueserged queen
Of the transport service.

And a prayer to Our Blessed Lady this week:
Almighty God, by the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary you prepared a worthy dwelling place for your Son. As you preserved her from all sin, by her intercession may we be brought to the vision of your beauty and live with you forever: through Christ our Lord.

Now here is something really difficult to try: stew some prunes, which have been soaked in some cold tea, until they are soft. Put them through a food mill and add some sugar and some caster sugar and 3 well beaten egg whites. Place in a pan of warm water and bake in a moderate oven. Serve with some whipped cream. (I havn’t tried this yet: it looks interesting, but for me, potentially disastrous!)

A thought of all things, on bus destinations: years ago many terminated at Public Houses: Dulwich, The Plough: West Norwood, Thurlow Park Arms.
I think this dated back to coach and horse bus days when many inns included stables where horses would be changed. The motor buses terminated at the same places. Over the years the inns have closed or they have become Macdonalds. Some of the alternatives are less attractive. My least favourite is Foots Cray Tesco.

Best wishes to your all

Monsignor Nicholas Rothon

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