newsletter 28th January 2018

Newsletter 28th January 2018

Today is the Fourth Sunday in Ordinary time.

Friday 2nd February is the feast of the Presentation, also known as Candlemas Day.  The blessing of the candles will take place before the 10am Mass.

Saturday is the feast of St. Blaise and by tradition, there is a blessing of throats after the morning Mass.

To the Town Hall on Tuesday for an Education Meeting and across to Canary Wharf on Thursday for an Investment meeting – so quite a busy week.

I am beginning to put my papers together for a visit to the College in Spain from 19th February. This is the visit in which I put together all the information and reports for the meeting of the Trustees later in the year. A lot of discussions with the Rector on how we need to present everything.  The lap top comes back loaded with draft reports.

Thanks to all the children for sharing in the First Holy Communion classes so enthusiastically. After the First Confessions we are now concentrating on the different parts of the Mass – so that they will be well prepared for the big days in May and June.

Thanks to all those who have agreed to help to clean the Angelus Room. It had been one of my Saturday morning tasks and the assistance is much appreciated. It is certainly much cleaner than before.

We are now in the consultation period for the proposed works to the trees – this has to go to the Local Authority first. I hope we can put the work in hand before the spring leaves appear.  One of the sweet chestnuts at the end of the garden – the one on the left – is almost totally dead and will have to come out. You will have noted the new appear for compost on the site of the old shed.

A quiz question now – can you remember where honey bees hum melodies and orange trees scent the breeze?  If you know the answer, look it up on the web – it is very funny indeed.

A prayer for today: Lord, pour out on us a spirit of understanding, truth and peace. Help us to know what is pleasing to you – to know your will – and to be determined to do it.

Here is something for your pre-lent party. Spread a thin rasher of bacon with some mustard and some Worcester sauce.  Roll it round a piece of chicken liver, place it on a skewer and grill. Serve on a piece of toast.

And now some poetry:

The City doth now, like a garment, wear

The beauty of the morning; silent, bare,

Ships, towers, domes, theatres, and temples lie

Open unto the fields, and to the Sky.

I wonder what Wordsworth would make of the prospect if he were to stand on Westminster Bridge today.

The boy and his sister are hard at work at school – nowadays a trail of muddy football things across the floor when he comes home before settling down to an intense examination of his Star Wars book.

On railway matters, most of the work seems to have been completed at London Bridge but from time to time there are problems with the signalling. It looks as if everything needs to be thoroughly tested before the Thameslink services are introduced.  You will recall that the new trains will be operated automatically between Blackfriars and Kings Cross.

And ….

Rosita come quick! Down at the cantina they’re giving Green Stamps with Tequila.

Best wishes to you all

Monsignor Nicholas Rothon.



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