newsletter 28th August

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Cafod £61.

Newsletter 28th August 2011

Today is the last Sunday for the old Missal. From next Sunday we will be using the new prayers and responses. As a temporary measure, until the new Mass books are published, there will be some cards with the responses. Please do not take them away – and if you make a mistake, please bring them back promptly. Also it would be helpful if you could remember to put them back in the boxes at the end of Mass.

Next Sunday the cinema Club starts again at 5pm.
There should be some posters giving details of the next film. I must remember to ensure that there is a good stock of pizzas and there should be some popcorn. Maybe you have some ideas about further films that you would like to see.

Monday is the Bank Holiday and I will be working on the steam railway. This will not be the last time this year as usually we run some trains on Boxing Day. If the Bishop is not about, the Eucharistic Ministers will help at 10 am.

The summer is ended and the cycle of meetings has started again – to Westminster on Tuesday and the Building Committee meets at the school on Wednesday. The gym has adapted to provide new classrooms during the holiday and we will be anxious to ensure that everything is ready for the pupils when the new term begins. The Bishop will be celebrating a special Mass for newcomers to the School on Friday morning.

A couple of dates for the diary: the meeting for parents in preparation for Holy Communions is on 20th September and the Parish Council will meet on Wednesday 28th September.

Monday is the commemoration of the death of St. John the Baptist and Saturday is the feast of St. Gregory the Great, the Pope who sent St. Augustine to England.

The herb garden seems to be making good progress. To begin with the parsley falls over but then some new strong shoots start to appear. The borage and the rosemary seem to want to dominate everything and I have had to cut them back. Also I have trimmed some of the chives. I hope that they will survive the winter. The olive tree continues to survive: I have helped with some water during the course of the summer.

And a prayer:
O Lord, because we often sin and have to ask for pardon, help us to forgive as we would be forgiven, neither mentioning old offences committee against us, nor dwelling upon them in thought, but loving our neighbour as you love us, for your name‘s sake. Amen

The answer to the quiz question last week: I am sure that you all knew that Lincoln was preceded by President Buchanan.

Something from Kipling:
When the early Jesuit Fathers preached to Hurons and Choctaws,
They prayer to be delivered from the vengeance of the squaws,
‘Twas the women, not the warriors, turned those stark enthusiasts pale.
For the female of the species is more deadly than the male.

After this you will need a recipe:
Possibly you might have a piece of salmon in the fridge. Steam it for about 15 minutes, discard any skin or bones and flake it. Toast some bread and butter it. Melt some butter in a pan and add some eggs over a gentle heat and scramble them. Season and stir some cream into the eggs. Place the eggs on the toast and top with the salmon. This is something that you have to serve at once.

I think the railway foot-bridge has moved from Blackheath to Earlsfield. It is every more difficult than when we had it here. You have to walk to the far end of the platform to reach the bridge and then all the way back to the station exit. Also the works at Waterloo are not very promising. With the removal of the kiosks, there is a fine wide sweep across the concourse, but the proposed new gallery will hide some of this.

Marie Kingston is helping to arrange a shipment of children’s clothing and toys to a small orphanage in Matagalpa in Northern Nicaragua in September. More details on the Justice and Peace Board but possibly you may have some items for babies that you no longer require -they grow very quickly – there will be a box the back of the Church until September 11th. Many thanks

Best wishes to you all

Monsignor Nicholas Rothon

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