newsletter 26th July 2015

Newsletter 26th July 2015
The school holidays have now started and I hope that you are having an enjoyable time.
Today there is a second collection for the Day of Life – which supports the Anscombe Centre for Bioethics research and other life related charities supported by the Church.
The two choirs take a break now until the beginning of September. Thanks to all who help with the music at the 9.30 and the 11am Masses on Sundays.
The inscription forms for the First Holy Communion classes are now available. Please completed them and return them to me as soon as possible. I need to order the books and the other items before the classes start.
Also there are now some inscription forms for baptisms: please ask for one if you would like to arrange a baptism.
Also thanks to all who have agreed to help with the Parish Council for the coming year – a date for your diary – the first meeting will be on Thursday 24th September at 8pm.
The new trampoline is a great success and most popular with the children. The rules are – shoes off and nor more than three at a time – and no adults please. With some jumping and the pool what more could you want on a summer day. Thanks to Anna and Alan for providing it and to Chris for his help in putting it together. The full story of the construction will be told later in the year.
Friday is the feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits and Saturday is the feast of St. Alphonsus, the founder of the Redemptorist Order.
Whilst others enjoy their holidays – I am kept busy. The Diocesan Auditors are making an inspection of my records on Tuesday and on Thursday there will be a Health and Safety inspection. Also I have to go to Canary Wharf on Tuesday afternoon for an Investment meeting.
You may have noticed the cherry tree planted in the bed in front of the house. This was a gift from the First Holy Communion children – I am pleased to report that it seems to be doing well. Last year there was a magnolia tree and the two hydrangea bushes beside the statue started as plants on the altar on a First Communion days some years ago. They are a wonderful souvenir and I hope that in years to come you will be able to come back to see them. The roses are doing well – we prune them regularly to ensure that they continue to flower throughout the summer.
For a few weeks, some curious recipes taken from a collection prepared by Churchill’s cook. Peal and shape some turnips in large olives. Cook in boiling salted water for five minutes. Drain and put in another saucepan with some melted butter, a little cream and black pepper.
It is always worth quoting Chesterton’s “Lepanto”. When I was at school our headmaster used to read it with great enthusiasm:
The Pope was in his chapel before day or battle broke
Don John of Austria is hidden in the smoke.
The hidden room in a man’s house where God sits all the year,
The secret window whence the world looks small and very dear.
(A reminder that we must have some Hopkins again next week)
And now a prayer:
O Christ, my Lord, I pray that you will turn my heart to you in the depths of my being where with the noise of creatures silenced and the clamour of thoughts stilled, I shall stay with you where I find you always present. Amen.
I am looking forward to my next day working on the Railway at the end of August. Several of the engines are under repair at present in the workshops at Ropley. It is not long before the Standard Class 4 will be ready for service. This has been a complete rebuild with many new parts but it will be a most useful engine for regular service.
The great nephew has a birthday in a few weeks’ time – he will be four – and his sister is one this week – so I am sure that there will be many celebrations.
Best wishes to you all,
Monsignor Nicholas Rothon

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