newsletter 20th November 2016

Newsletter 20th November 2016.

Today is the last Sunday in the Church’s year. We celebrate the feast of Christ the King.

There is a second collection today to support the work of the Catholic Youth Service.

After Mass there will be an opportunity to sign cards for Prisoners of Conscience. All the things that you need will be provided – just to leave a message and sign a card.

Next Sunday there will be a Coffee morning in the Angelus Room after the morning Masses with donations for the White Helmets Charity. I must remember to bake a cake.

A reminder that there is a Confirmation class on Wednesday evening at 6.30pm in the big hall. Thanks to all the parents who have helped meet the costs of the classes.

The lists are going up for parts in the cycle of Christmas plays. Three plays – on 18th December, on Christmas Day and on 8th January. Plenty of parts and we hope that as many children as possible will be able to take part. However only add a name if you are certain that you will be there – last year there were some problems with some of the major characters did not turn up on the day.

On Saturday morning we will bringing the crib figures down from the loft. I expect the structure of the crib will be going up in the next couple of weeks.

Next Sunday we begin Advent – four weeks of prayer as we prepare for the celebration of Christmas. The purple vestments will appear once again. There will be a new cycle of readings – we stat cycle A once again. It is a major task to move the Mass books from the store!

Tuesday is the feast of St. Cecilia. In Spain years ago this was the first day on which we lit the stoves to keep us warm. It could be very cold in the early part of November.

Now some obscure information.  Mercedes Citaro buses which used to operate on the Red Arrow Services in central London  have started to appear on route 108. Some at least have been refurbished and seats have been added to the standing area at the front. All these routes are operated by the Go Ahead group so they are able to swap their vehicles about.

This week I hope to start on the Christmas quiz for the magazine.  It has been going for some years – so it is becoming more difficult to find some new questions. Not to be disturbed as there will be stacks of books all over the floor. I think I will have to invent some new titles – have you read Middlemay, Easthanger Abbey and of course Bleak Expectations – and some new Canterbury Tales – The Ocado Driver’s tale and the High Court Judge’s Tale. 

A complex recipe from Spain for frying pieces of cod. You will need to make a batter – 2 beaten eggs, 200 grm flour 3 chopped pieces of garlic 20 grm of chopped parsley – and some liquid – the recipe suggests 280 ml mixed water and milk. Beat well together and coat the pieces of fish in the batter. Cook in fairly hot oil, using a basket if possible to avoid sticking. Drain on absorbent paper before serving. Thanks to Maria for this. I hope it works out as it looks complicated.

Now a prayer: Almighty and eternal God, grant us an increase of faith, hope and charity: may we obtain what you have promised and make us love what you command: through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Robert Louis Stevenson could be absurd at times:

When I am grown to man’s estate

I shall be very proud and great

And tell the other girls and boys

Not to meddle with my toys.

Best wishes to you all,

Monsignor Nicholas Rothon




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