newsletter 1st April 2018

Newsletter – Easter Sunday 2018

Greetings and blessings to you all on this Easter Sunday.

Thank you all for sharing in the Holy Week Services and for all who helped in so many ways. A special world of thanks to those who have helped to prepare the Church for today.

The Paschal Candle, the symbol of the Risen Lord is now on the Sanctuary and will remain there until Ascension Day.

The water in the font was blessed during the Vigil Mass and will be used for Baptisms up till Trinity Sunday.

The Masses during the coming week are for the Octave of Easter.

The wedding season has started – there is a wedding at 2pm on Friday.

We are looking forward to the First Holy Communions in May and June. Already planning some of the details – the places in the Church, the booklets, the flowers and decorations – and of course the cakes.

Monday is the Bank Holiday. I hope that the Bishop will be available for the 10am Mass. I will be undertaking my usual duties on the steam railway.

I expect that there will be a lot of people in the garden after the 9.30 Mass today. Look out for something special and unexpected. The weather is beginning to improve and I hope to be able to put the pool up over the next few weeks. The water will be very cold but we must look forward to a warm summer.

In recent weeks some of the Thameslink services have been stopping at London Bridge, making access to Gatwick airport much easier. The first stage of the full service is due to start in May.

And some Eliot today:

We thank thee for the lights we have kindled,

The light of altar and sanctuary;

The light of those who meditate at midnight

And lights directed through colour panes of windows

And light reflected from polished stone,

The gilded carven wood, the coloured fresco.

We are allowed a special recipe for Easter. Cut some pieces of bread into circles of about 2 inches and butter them.  Skin some peaches in boiling water, stone them and cut them in half, roll them in caste sugar and place on the bread and cook in a moderate over for about 30 minutes. Mix some red currant jelly with a little water and warm to form a smooth sauce. Pour it over the peaches and serve hot.

And now a special Easter prayer:

We adore you, Christ, Son of the living God. In triumph you rose from the grace and bore in your hands the keys of death and hell; we rejoice in your almighty power and glory. Raise us up with you above all earthly desires, inspire us with thoughts of joy, hope and love.

I understand that boy’s latest enthusiasm is for the stories of Tin-Tin: (he has completed Harry Potter series already). I am not sure if he is reading them in the original language – one of his uncles is French. The Blue Lotus is said to be the best of them all.

We have made good progress with the works to the trees. The house and the Church are much lighter now that some of the big branches have been cut away. One of the holm oaks at the back of the house was causing damage to the walls and so it was necessary to remove it. I have had to clean the staircase in the house as the dirt became very apparent.

And to finish, a quiz question – what do this stand for CAJ and ACC?

Best wishes to you all,

Monsignor Nicholas Rothon







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