newsletter 17th February 2013

Newsletter 17th February 2013

Today is the First Sunday of Lent: on this day we read the gospel account of the temptations of the Lord in the Wilderness.

There will be Stations of the Cross today at 6.30pm. There has been some debate as to which
Form we should use. The most popular seems to be the traditional form which was prepared by Saint Alphonsus.

At the Masses today, Mr Jed Murphy will speak on behalf of CAFOD in preparation for the Lent Family Fast Day next Friday.

Normally there are the Lenten Masses each day but Friday is the feast of the Chair of St. Peter.

A number of events in the coming weeks:

The lunch in the hall on Sunday 3rd March from 12-2: a simple Lenten lunch on behalf of the work of the Manna Centre.

On Saturday 9th March there is the Lenten retreat which this year is to be conducted by Canon Michael Cooley. As the Convent is now closed, this year we will be using the various parish buildings. If you intend to come, please add you name ot the list in the porch.

On 15th March there will be a further Opera for Africa in the big hall. This is always most popular.

This year, on Sunday 17th March, as a Lenten Service, there will be a special additional Mass at 5pm with the music of Faure’s Requiem.

Off to Spain again soon – in the first week of March to visit the College. I hope that we will be able to come again in October. I will ask the Rector to see if this will be possible. It is still quite early but you might like to think about this in making your plans for the year.

Thanks to the gardening group, who have started their tasks once again. The main project will be the planting of the bed at the right of the garden.
Also we are having to give some attention to the wall at the end of the garden and I hope that it will be possible to put some work in hand later this year.

News of the great nephew is always welcome. He is now walking about with great enthusiasm, but with quite a lot of shouting. I think that in our family it is necessary to shout in order to be heard once we all start.

It occurred to me that we had not had any Gilbert and Sullivan for some time so here is something from the Gondoliers:

The Aristocrat who banks with Coutts-
The Aristocrat who hunts and shoots-
The Aristocrat who cleans our boots-
They all shall equal be!

The Noble Lord who rules the State-
The Noble Lord who cleans the plate-
The Noble Lord who scrubs the grate-
They all shall equal be!

The Confirmation Group is doing very well: only one further lesson now before the rehearsal. Time to choose Confirmation names as well as a sponsor. I have to stock up on cotton wool and a lemon so the Bishop can cleanse his fingers after using the Chrism. The Confirmation will take place on 28th April and I hope that we will have a fine day.

I was thinking of the old London Trams the other day: do you remember how there was a single track between Lewisham and Greenwich with passing loops? It was necessary to stop for a moment and wait for a car coming from the opposite direction. A world apart from the DLR of today.

This recipe should be popular. Slice some courgettes and cook them until they are still firm. Line an over dish: place the courgettes in layers and cover with a mixture of some beaten eggs and some single cream. Sprinkle the top with some grated cheese and bake in a hot oven. Remove from the dish and it should be possible to serve it as slices.
Across at Canary Wharf the other day and we always have a bet on the year end. I said 6500 but everybody else was more optimistic. What do you think?

Best wishes to you all

Monsignor Nicholas Rothon

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