newsletter 10th January 2016

Newsletter 10th January 2016
Today, the Sunday after the Epiphany, we celebrate the feast of the Baptism of the Lord.
During the week the Mass prayers and readings will be taken from the first week in ordinary time – the readings from the second cycle. The green vestments appear again for a few weeks until we begin Lent. No saints this week – the weekday text every day.
The New Year has started with our regular tasks. The crib has been put away for another year – and yesterday the Children made their First Confession. Today they will be helping with the 9.30 Mass once again.
I have had to change the date for the Liturgy meeting on Monday as I have to the Town Hall for an Education meeting. Tim will advise you of the new date.
We are due to have a meeting of the Parish Council in January. The days are very full with School meetings so I am suggesting Wednesday 27th January at 8pm. I hope that this will be convenient. I will send out agenda papers later in the month.
The Justice and Peace Group will be holding a coffee morning in the Angelus Room after the Masses next Sunday. I must remember to make a cake for them.
The great nephew advises me that he was not a shepherd in his school play- he as an innkeeper. He pronounced his lines with great solemnity and was most indignant when he received a round of applause. His sister has reached the age at which she wishes to copy him in every way and he is finding this a little difficult.
How did you get on with the quiz in the magazine? My sister in law managed 12 questions at once without any hesitation. Somewhat embarrassing as I could not remember one of the answers myself.
Something very rare today – some celery soup. You will need the inner stalks and leaves from a head of celery, some butter, some peeled and chopped potatoes, some light chicken stock, salt and pepper, some single cream and some finely chopped parsley and chives. Cook the celery in butter for five minutes, and the potatoes and continue to braise, covered for about ten minutes and then add the stock and cook gently for 45 minutes. Finish off with the cream and herbs.

A prayer for today:
Father of all that is good, you have entrusted the world to us: help us to delight in it and find in it a sign of your power and glory; may our work not disfigure the beauty of what you have made, but in everything give greater glory to you: through Christ Our Lord. Amen.
A new lines from Auden this week:
Silence invades the breathing wood
Where the drowsy limbs a treasure keep
Now greenly falls the learned shade
Across the sleeping brows
And stirs their secret to a smile.
The new Routemaster buses continue to appear on a series of different routes. They started on the 159 just before Christmas. The original order was for six hundred vehicles has now been exceeded. I must try to find out some more information about future orders. As a consequence the Dennis Tridents and some of the older Volvos are being taken out of service.
I have been looking at the trees in the garden. The magnolia has survived very well and I am looking for the first buds on the cherry tree. The olive tree is beginning to grow quite well. I hope that we will have a better crop of apples this year. My herb pots are full of water after the winter rains so I intend to empty them out and start again. Last hear the basil did very well as I was able to defeat the snails and the birds. Already the first of the snowdrops have started to appear and it will not be long before the first of the daffodils begin to sprout.
A final quiz question that I could not could not answer: which of the servants in Downton Abbey is left handed? Does anybody know the answer?
Best wishes to you all
Monsignor Nicholas Rothon

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