safeguarding policy



  1. 1. Parish of Our Lady help of Christians, Blackheath wishes to ensure that all activities involving children and young people, undertaken on behalf of the members of the Parish or by outside groups using Parish property, are conducted in a totally safe environment. This policy includes protection against physical, emotional and sexual abuse and neglect of the basic needs of children and young people.


  1. The Parish has appointed a Child Protection Representative who may be contacted by anyone who is concerned about the wellbeing of children following from activities for which the Parish has a responsibility.

The CPO is: (Name and address):

Dr. Cornelia Black

20 Foxes Dale

Tel: 020 8852 5854


  1. The current list of activities to which this policy applies is available from the Parish Priest.


  1. Staffing Ratio


The following ratio applies for events on Parish premises or sponsored by the Parish:


Age 0-2: adult: 1 for every 3 children

Age 2-3: adult: 1 for every 4 children

Age 3 +: adult: 1 for every 8 children


  1. Policy checks


Leaders of groups will be required to produce a satisfactory Intermediate level Check known as the Criminal Records Certificate when this procedure comes into operation.  (As the interim measure leaders will be required to complete the Diocesan form).  At least one person, certified as a leader, with a CBS, must be present for each activity.


  1. Number of supervisors present


At all times there must be a minimum of 2 adults present whenever children or young people are on the Parish premises or undertaking activities sponsored by the Parish, in normal circumstances, a child should not be alone with a single adult.


  1. Conduct of activities:


A register should be maintained of all children present.  Children should no leave on their own before the end of the session unless the company of a parent or other person known to the supervisor of the group.


  1. Access during activities


Whilst a class or other activity is in a session, access to the group is limited to supervisors unless there is a good reason for an outsider to be present or to visit the premises.  It an outsider attends, the supervisor should be informed of the purpose of the visit.

  1. Concerns and problems


Any concerns and problems should be noted in writing as soon as possible giving dates, times and names of the person involved.  This information may be passed wither to the Parish Priest or to the Child Protection officer direct, for further consultation and investigation.  The guidance note attached to this document gives a recommended procedure if a child speak to you about abuse.


  1. Log book


A log book will be kept in the Hall kitchen to record any incidents, which affect the wellbeing of children and young people.


  1. Records


Records of all matters relating to Child Protection will be kept in the office of the Parish Priest at 5, Cresswell Park, Blackheath.


  1. Timetable


This policy came to effect on 1st October 2001 and is to be reviewed annually by the Priest in consultation with the Parish Council.


  1. Sharing information


Copies of the policy will be circulated to all concerned with the care of the children and young people either on the Parish premises or other events sponsored by the Parish.


  1. Diocese Child Protection Co-ordinator


If any person do not wish to consult the Parish Child Protection Representative or the Parish Priest, or if you think that a complaint has not been dealt with adequately you may contact the Diocesan Child Protection Co-ordinator direct: Helen Shepperd, St. Gabriel’s House, Westminster Bridge Road, SE1 7FQ. Tel: 020 7261 1616.The parish representative is Dr. Cornelia Black, 20, Foxes Dale  020 8852 5854




Accept what the child says.  Listen carefully and reassuringly.  Try not to shock or surprise.  Do no push the child to say more that they want to say and do not ask any probing questions (e.g. Who? Where? What?) if the child do not provide this information spontaneously.  Never agree that the information can become “our secret”.  Reassure the child that they have done the right thing in speaking out and that  you will need to speak to someone who will help them.  Make careful notes immediately AFTER the event.  Date and sign your record.  Witnesses should do likewise.  This should include any comment that you make in response to statements by the child.



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