Readers’ Tips

Ten Tips for Readers at St Mary’s

In Advance

  1. Check the dates on the readers’ rota for when you are reading and put them in your diary.
  2. If you can’t read on a date allocated to you, please arrange a swap with another reader.
  3. Familiarise yourself with readings before Mass. The readers’ rota and weekly newsletters provide details. If you don’t have a missal, the Jerusalem Bible is the closest to what’s in the lectionary.
  4. During Mass

  5. Unless there is a hymn, introduce the entrance antiphon once the Priest approaches the altar. Announce the entrance antiphon (by saying “The Entrance Antiphon” ) before reading it. This gives the congregation a cue so they can find it and join in.
  6. Come forward for the readings before the end of the opening prayer. Go to the lectern via the central aisle and bow to the altar before moving to the lectern.
  7. Introduce each reading and read slowly with emphasis to convey the sense of the text. Pause at the end and look up before saying: “The Word of the Lord”.
  8. If the Psalm is sung, stand slightly back from the microphone while this happens.
  9. At the end of the readings, turn and bow before retaking your seat via the central aisle.
  10. Come forward to read the bidding prayers before the end of the Creed. Go to the lectern via the central aisle and bow as before. You should try to be at the lectern for when the Priest introduces the prayers.
  11. Announce the communion antiphon (by saying “The Communion Antiphon…”) before reading it and aim to do this at the point when the Priest receives the chalice. If there is a hymn or motet during communion, you should not read the communion antiphon.

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