newsletter 7th February 2021

St Mary’s, Blackheath


7th February 2021

Mass times: Saturday 6.30pm (first Mass of Sunday) 9.30 and 11am and 5 pm.

Please note there is no longer a 7.30pm Mass on Sunday.

The weekday Mass is at 8am each day Monday to Friday. There is no longer a 10am Mass on Saturday morning.

For the time being it is not possible to hear Confessions.

Today is the fifth Sunday in the Church’s year.

I hope that you and your families are keeping well – prayers for those who are sick and for those who are looking after them.

At one time, we used purple vestments for the three Sundays before Lent – from Septuagesima Sunday – which was 70 days before Easter. Now we continue with the Sundays in ordinary time until Lent. We begin Lent next week with Ash Wednesday and I will tell you about this next week.

I realise that for many of you it is not easy to come to Mass for the time being: we hope and pray that the lock-down will end in the not to distant future, that we will all be safe again and can continue to pick up our daily lives. Special thoughts for the children who must be finding all of this most difficult.

The recipe for a winter soup this week. Brown some pieces of leek, some carrot and some potatoes in a little butter. Add some liquid, maybe some stock if you have some, and cook gently until everything is soft. Liquidise, correct the seasoning and maybe add a little more liquid. Serve hot with a dab of cream. (Thanks to Mary for this).

A prayer this week from St. Thomas More: Give me, good Lord, a full faith and a fervent charity, a love of you, good Lord, incomparable above the love of myself; and that I love nothing to your displeasure but everything in order to you. Amen.

This is quite sad: it is from Charlese Lamb:

Ghost like I paced around the haunts of my childhood,

Earth seemed a desert I was bound to traverse,

Seeking to find the old familiar faces.

We now have some more money in the Myra Fund – this belongs to the children of the parish and it is up to them to tell me if they want me to buy anything for them for the summer. Please let me know if you have any ideas. I hope we will have some warm summer days and that the restrictions will be over so that we can all enjoy the garden. My daffodils, planted in October, are now beginning to appear round the edge of the flower bed. Also, the Christmas crib plants found their way into the garden and seem to have survived.   

There has been little opportunity for travel of late – so mainly sharing memories of the past with my brother.  He sent me an image of a tram passing Forest Hill station in 1951 with a request for some learned information.

Thomas Merton reminds us that the forms of living and growing things – and of all nature – constitute their holiness in the sight of God.

Best wishes to you all,

Monsignor Nicholas Rothon.

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