Newsletter 21st March 2021

St. Mary’s Blackheath

Newsletter 21st March 2021

Mass Times: Saturday 6.30pm

Sunday 9.30 and 11am. 5pm

Weekdays: Monday to Friday 8am

At present it is not possible to arrange Confessions.

Today is the Fifth Sunday of Lent. At one time this was known as Passion Sunday.

During this final part of Lent, we concentrate on the events of the Passion and death of the Lord. The statues in the Church are veiled from today.

Next Sunday is Palm Sunday. Palm branches will be blessed with a simple ceremony in the Church at the beginning of the 9.30 Mass. Blessed palms will be available at the other Masses later in the day. There will not be the usual procession from the garden.  We will read the shorter version of Mark’s passion and this year you are asked not to join in the crowd responses.

I gave you an outline of the Easter services last week and will repeat them again next week at the beginning of Holy Week.

On Thursday we celebrate the feast of the Annunciation.

Gradually things are coming back to normal. We are pleased to be able to celebrate a marriage in the Church on Tuesday although the rules mean that the number of guests is strictly limited.

This year the Archbishop will celebrate the Chrism Mass in the Cathedral on Wednesday 31st March. Places will be limited to priests alone this year and we will be spaced out in the benches.

A prayer of repentance:

We beseech you, Lord, to listen to our humble prayers: be merciful to us

And in your goodness forgive us and set us free.

Some Browning, which is quite curious:

For me, I touched a thought, I know

Has tantalized me many times,

(Like turns of thread the spiders throw

Mocking across our path) for rhymes

To catch at and let go.

You might have noted the six-wheeled double deck bus operating on route 12.  It is a single experimental vehicle, but it brings back memories of the AEC Renowns which used to work on this route in the late 1940s. I know you must be of a certain age to remember this!

A favourite in recent weeks has been eggs Florentine. You will need a bunch of spinach: 50p from the market.  Make a white sauce with some margarine, flour and milk.  Place the spinach in the middle of the sauce and poach some eggs: best done in a pan of boiling water with a little vinegar and a slotted spoon to remove the, Serve with a pinch of nutmeg on the spinach and some red pepper on the eggs.

The relic of St. Patrick came out last week for his feast. This was brought from Dublin in 1870 by the first parish priest, Father William Gowan Todd. The case is marked “St. Mary’s Orphanage”.

Special arrangements will be in force for the collection of Eggs on Easter Sunday to avoid any problems with the constabulary. More details to follow but remember to bring your mask and a tape to ensure 2 metres of distancing.

I hope that you are keeping well and with best wishes to you all,

Monsignor Nicholas Rothon

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