Newsletter 17th January 2021

St Mary’s, Blackheath


17th January 2021

Mass times: Saturday 6.30pm (first Mass of Sunday) 9.30 and 11am and 5 pm.

Please note there is no longer a 7.30pm Mass on Sunday.

The weekday Mass is at 8am each day Monday to Friday. There is no longer a 10am Mass on Saturday morning.

For the time being it is not possible to hear Confessions.

First, I hope that you are keeping well and managing to cope with these difficult times. Special prayers for those who are sick.

It was difficult to know what to do with conflicting guidance from different sources. The Mayor of London was asking that all places of Worship should be closed whilst the Archbishop was asking us to continue to keep our Churches open. I wanted to minimise the risk of infection – you are asked to stay at home as far as possible – and yet at the same time to help to keep the Church open. You will see the revised Mass times noted above and I hope that they will work for you.

Please keep to the rules about sanitising and distancing and not gathering in groups.

Confirmation classes were being delayed. Anna and Kamara have kindly agreed to help with on-line classes from next Thursday. I have sent a message round to everybody in the class and I hope that you will be able to share in this.

This leaves the First Communion classes outstanding and I will see if it is possible to arrange something for you.

Lots of on-line meetings at present. On Thursday we have a meeting for the Trustees of the College in Spain. Last year we went to Birmingham for this. The Rector became snow-bound when he arrived back in Spain and could not reach the College. He was working from an hotel at Madrid airport. I have been busy in recent days preparing the papers.

Also, there is a Lewisham Education meeting on Thursday evening. This is a live broadcast so that the members of the public can watch. I will dress up specially for this.

Something very simple this week but it is a good supper dish. Everyone has a recipe for scrambled egg. I start by putting some butter in a non-stick pan and waiting for it to foam. I beat the egg mixture with some crème fraiche and some pepper.  Turn down the heat on the butter and pour in the egg mixture, stirring all the time to make sure that it does not catch. It should be fluffy and creamy.

A morning prayer: O God, creator of light, at the rising of your sun this morning, let the greatest of all lights, your love, rise like the sun within our hearts. Amen

And an ambition:

If I were Lord of Tartary,

Myself, and me alone,

My bed should be of ivory,

Of beaten gold, my throne.

Just to tell you I was lucky enough to have my jab last week – I hope that yours will not be delayed for too long and that you will be able to keep safe and well.

Best wishes to you all

Monsignor Nicholas Rothon

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