Reading at St Mary’s

Readers play an important role at Mass. By reading the Scriptures as part of the Liturgy of the Word they help the church to understand Word of God. They also lead the church in the Prayer of the Faithful.  We are fortunate to have a small pool of readers for all the Sunday Masses at St Mary’s but new readers are always welcome.

What sort of commitment is involved?

The numbers of readers available for each Sunday Mass varies but usually the commitment involved would be reading once every 4-8 weeks.  A readers’ rota is prepared every year which sets when each reader is expected to read. Changes to the rota can be made during the year but it is helpful if a reader can commit to reading for a whole year if possible.

In addition to the Sunday Masses, readers are also invited to volunteer to read at Easter and Christmas services.

What sort of support is available?

A short introductory session and brief notes about reading at St Marys are available for new readers and Monsignor Rothon and the other readers are always willing to provide advice. Occasional readers’ meetings are also arranged from time-to-time to provide opportunities to meet other readers and discuss relevant topics.

Becoming a reader at St Mary’s

If you are interested in becoming a reader at St Mary’s or would like to find out more, please contact Hazel Wilkinson at the following email address:

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