Newsletter 16th January 2022

St Mary’s Blackheath

Newsletter 16th January 2022

Sunday Masses: Saturday 6.30pm first Mass of Sunday

– Sunday 9.30 and 11am and 5pm.

Monday to Friday: – Mass at 8am.

Saturday 10am and 6.30pm

Confessions: Saturday12 to 1

Today is the Second Sunday of Ordinary time. The green vestments have returned for a few weeks before Lent. This year Ash Wednesday is on 22nd March.

The Sunday readings are taken from the second cycle and this year the gospel will be taken from Luke. The weekday readings are from the second cycle.

Yesterday was the day for First Confessions and today the children will be helping in a special way at the 9.30 Mass.

Friday is the Feast of St. Agnes. As always remember to read Keats’s poem on Thursday evening. Here are some familiar lines:

And they are gone: ay, ages long ago

These lovers fled away into the storm,

That night the Baron dreamt of many a woe,

And all his warrior guests ……

It is hard to think that is almost two years since the Covid problems began. I hope that you are managing to keep well and prayers for those who are sick at present. Somehow, we have managed to survive in our parish and thank you for all your help and understanding.

Already I am thinking of some items of work for the coming year. The glass doors at the entrance to the Church require attention. Also, I will improve the lights on the steps outside. In the garden some enormous chunks fell of the trees in recent weeks so clearly, they need some attention. But good things as well – looking forward to some warm days so that we can have some picnics – and fill the pool again.

The final day for parish responses to consultation on the Synod has now passed. A response from the Diocese as a whole will be prepared – it will be interesting to see this – and it will form part of the submission sent to Rome.

A Spanish recipe this week. Fry an onion and some chopped ham until they are soft. Add some diced potatoes, some courgettes, season and leave to simmer over a low heat. In another pan cook some green and red peppers  until they are soft in a little lard and add some chopped tomatoes. Mix together and serve hot. You can add some slices of chorizo.

A prayer for the weeks ahead:

Give me, good Lord, a full faith and fervent charity, a love of you, good Lord, and that I may love nothing to your displeasure but rather love everything in order to you.

The City Beam train units on the South Eastern are still rare. Some are still in service on the South Western. It seems that they are reluctant to pass them on due delays with their own new units.

A familiar game I play with my brother: can you work this out?

.. et  l’a donne des cadeaux de cire a cacheter et des autres trucs sophistiques.

And some Merton: True joy is found the perfect willing of what we were made to will: in the intense and supple and free movement of our will rejoicing in what is good not merely for us but in Itself.

Best wishes to you all,

Monsignor Nicholas Rothon


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