newsletter 15th August 2021

St Mary’s Blackheath

Newsletter 15th August 2021

Sunday Masses: Saturday 6.30pm first Mass of Sunday

– Sunday 9.30 and 11am and 5pm.

Monday to Friday: – Mass at 8am.

 Saturday morning

Mass at 10am

Confessions: Saturday12 to1

Today is the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Friday is the Feast of St. Bernard and Saturday is the Feast of St. Pius X.

I hope that you are enjoying the summer days. The continual rain has kept the garden green without the need for the hose. The snails have been out in force attacking my pots of herbs. A late night round-up with a torch is a suitable time to catch them.

Gradually things are returning to normal. In the next couple of weeks, I will put out the Mass books in the Church, and I hope that we will be able to resume some hymns in September.  The Latin Mass will return at the 11am on the first Sunday of the month.

Things have changed with the collections. Many have kindly made standing orders and the card machine and the box seem to work well. I am hesitant therefore about going back to collection baskets. We are however asked to make second collections from time to time. I will provide a special box for the days on which these are required.

Works on the hall start soon. We are renewing the electrics and improving the water flow. The work should take about three weeks.  In addition, there are some smaller works for the Church and the House. 

I was very pleased to see the boy and his sister with their mother when they came for a visit last week. No travels to distance places this year but they have enjoyed long cycle rides on Wimbledon Common. New school unfirms this year, but these were not on display as yet. Already they are faced with the problems of long hours of homework.

The new 707 units are continuing to arrive on the South Eastern. Some of the older 465 Networker trains are no longer required and these have been placed in storage for the time being.

A prayer from Thomas Merton:

Let me rest in your will and be silent. Then the light of your joy will warm my life. Its fire will burn in my heart and sine for your glory. This is what I live for. Amen. Amen.

A summer pudding. Stew a tin of apricots with the grated rind of two lemons and 4oz of sugar. Dissolve 1/2oz of gelatine and add to fruit, passing it through a fine sieve. Finish with some whipped cream and some chopped almonds.

If I were Lord of Tartary

I’d wear a robe of beads,

White ,gold, and green they’d be-

And small and thick as seeds;

And ere should wane the morning star,

I’d don my robe and scimitar,

And zebras seven should draw my car

Through Tartary’s dark glades. 

This is from Walter de la Mare. A helpful suggestion if you cannot find a charging point for your electric car.

I hope that you are all keeping well with prayers for those who are sick. With best wishes.

Monsignor Nicholas Rothon

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